The Lifecycle Footprint is an invenrtory of processes your application or product develompment cycle.
The subsequent documentation shows - from a neural point
of view - the current situation and potential for action and recommendations for further steps.

Talking ReqIF Assessment
Requirements can be exchanged using the standardized format ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) across company boundaries. As a result, suppliers and subcontractors are integrated in the process any time without media breaks.
The assessment determines the conditions for the use of ReqIF.  The underlying processes are captured, the image is transfered into the tool environment. On this basis, recommendations will be developed and documented.

Micro Focus Requirements Mangement

This service provides a Health Check of your running Dimensions RM solution and the QualityPark experts perform it with highly quality standards. After an initial assessment by telephone, one of our experts will start the onsite analysis of environment, settings, performance and overall solution functionality.
The documentation of this analysis gives an overview
of the solution usage and performance as well as prioritized recommendations for improvements.

Migration to Dimensions RM
This Service Package will bring you existing Requirements Management in particular to an advanced level of conformity in a very short time. With comprehensive, up-to-date software architecture, you will be able to elevate the quality of your application lifecycle processes. With a set of best practices methods, an experienced expert from QualityPark will implement a well-tested migration model.


Dimensions RM Administrator Training
1 - day training for administrators of Dimensions RM.

Dimensions RM Advanced User Training
2 - day training for experienced users with enhanced user handling.

Dimensions RM Basic User Training
1-day training for general users of Dimensions RM.


Micro Focus Solutions Business Manager (SBM)

This training prepares your administration team
to be ready to administer Mashups.

SBM Developer Training
This training represents the comprehensive knowledge base
to get your company ready for Mashups.
Containing the advanced feature set of SBM it will enable your staff to reap the full potential
of SBM.

SBM User Training
This training outlines the basic understanding to make your company truly mashed up. By introducing the mashup idea
and explaining the essential mashup steps your application development will be easier and faster.